Fast Guard™ Benefits

Designed specifically for the scaffolder, Fast Guard™ saves time and money, again and again and again... Whilst efficiently providing the professional scaffolder with effective collective fall protection in a reasonable and practical manner.

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Fast Guard is Fast and Efficient

The key benefit of the Fast Guard system is its speed and ease of use, requiring very little effort, time and transport to provide a safe zone for the scaffolder. Fast Guard is easily the fastest scaffolder’s collective fall prevention system on the market today.

Fast Guard is Compliant

Fast Guard features in the new SG4:10 guidance provided by NASC, and the systems rugged design has been independently tested and found fully compliant with BS EN 12811-1:2003 and BS EN 13374:2004 - very reassuring for both you and your clients.

Fast Guard Saves Money

In use the system presets the level and height of permanent guardrails. And by utilizing the same stock scaffold tube to provide both temporary and permanent guardrails, reduces additional labour and overhead costs to virtually nil.

Fast Guard is Compact and Portable

The Fast Guard FGS8 system is capable of installing up to 30 LM of advance guardrail. Supplied with a small transport bag, and weighing a modest 17.3 kg, Fast Guard is extremely light and portable. The FGS8 system easily fits into the boot of a small vehicle, or can even be carried on public transport.

Fast Guard is Instinctive

By following general scaffolding principles for using tube and couplers, Fast Guard quickly becomes second nature to use, encouraging installers to comply with the new SG4:10 guidance.

Fast Guard is Versatile

Able to provide single or double guardrail configurations, Fast Guard is suitable for long or short duration scaffolding operations including: internal or external exposed edges, towers, stop ends, corner returns or long elevations.

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