Fast Guard in use

The Fast Guard™ Collective Fall Prevention System has been designed to meet the needs of the modern scaffolding industry and SG4:10. The system is exceptionally fast to install, instinctive to use, requires little loading out and provides a safe working environment, in advance, for scaffolders.

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The key component behind the Fast Guard system is a unique self locking coupler which attaches to a scaffold standard from any direction, without the need for tools.

From the safety of a fully protected platform couplers are loaded with traditional scaffold tube, including stop ends and returns, ready to provide continuous guardrails.

The Fast Guard couplers are then raised beyond normal reach using the Fast Guard Positioning Wand and levelled with reference to the next platform ledger to provide a correctly positioned 950mm high advance guardrail.

Following completion of the next platform the advance guardrail tube is used to provide the permanent intermediate guardrail of the working platform, or raised again to form the advance guard rail of the next platform.

When completing long elevations consisting of several lengths of tube Fast Guard Joiners are used to provide a continuous and unbroken guardrail. The Joiners are designed to lock and be unlocked from the safety of the protected platform.

Using Fast Guard to safely dismantle a scaffold is easy. Fit the Fast Guard couplers above the top existing guardrail; remove the intermediate guardrail and load into the couplers cradles; fit all joiners as required. Leaving the Fast Guard system in place for your own protection, descend to the level below and completely dismantle the scaffold as normal, including all ledgers and external sway bracing. Using the positioning wand lower the Fast Guard couplers to within comfortable reach and remove.

Scaffolders use couplers every day of their working lives, it's second nature. A collective fall prevention system that does the same, and follows common scaffolding principles in the way it is implemented, soon becomes second nature too.

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